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We love celebrating our favorite soccer clubs by wearing gear that is unique, well-crafted and representative of the teams that we so passionately support. We pride ourselves in making a quality cap that looks great on and off the pitch Interested in a collab?

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Untold millions of fans and fashionistas have been snapping up national team jerseys to show their support. Adidas AG's chief executive has predicted the German company will outscore its sales for World Cup team jerseys , when it sold 8 million units, Bloomberg reports.

World Cup Soccer Jerseys Score as Fashion Statements

Helping to propel sales are fans such as Alex Wong, a year-old tech worker. Wong, who's "supporting Russia as the host team," owns over 50 soccer shirts.

Soccer enthusiasts like him have plenty of options.

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It was very flamboyant. Really fun. A lot of pattern, a lot of color. And it tweaked something in the global consciousness. Colombia's team jersey goes for bold color.

Eurosport soccer

AP Exciting styles Doonan also praises Colombia's jersey. And it's great.

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

Nothing intimidates an opponent quite like saying, 'I have magical powers in my armpits. Brazil "didn't win last time, so the pressure is on. Belgium's "away" jersey features an argyle pattern, while Croatia's has an elegantly muted checkerboard.

Croatia's bold, checkered 'home' jerseys skip the subtlety of their 'away' uniforms.

Reuters Reflection of diversity Upper 90 carries jerseys for most of the 32 teams that made it to the playoffs in Russia. Its top-selling jerseys are for Mexico and Colombia. Really, really clean.

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Beautiful shirt. But since Colombia knocked Senegal out of the competition with a win last week, European team shirts have emerged. Joe Gaffney photo 'Unifying' competition Soccer can be a rough sport, but for author Doonan, that's part of its mystery.

So these things are going on at the same time. It's a sweet thing, because that's just life. He wiped his brow every time Mexico closed in but failed to score. He banged the table or a drum when Brazil took a shot and missed.

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And he jumped up and down and hugged friends when Neymar finally put the ball in the net in the 51st minute. Agony, Ecstasy Loom as Penalty Shootouts Come into Play at World Cup Football's cruel mistress — the penalty shootout — arrives at the World Cup on Saturday after a packed fortnight of group games, ready to dispense her characteristic doses of unbridled joy and heartbreak in the knockout stages.

There has been a penalty shootout at every World Cup since in Spain, and while it is still a matter of contention whether this is the best way to decide a winner, the post-match shootout is now common at all levels of the game.

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