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Saturday, August 31, 2019 6:29:10 PM

Any other important details? Unlike Mayweather's bout with Manny Pacquiao inthis fight will actually be available on pay-per-view without a cable subscription. But to watch the Mayweather-McGregor live stream, you'll have to pay the price just like cable subscribers do. That price includes the main bout and three preceding fights, which have a scheduled start time of 9 p. Here's what cord-cutters need to know about streaming the Mayweather-McGregor fight: Mayweather-McGregor live-stream sources Cord-cutters have five pay-per-view options for streaming the big fight: Streaming through ShowtimePPV.

Lights Out for the Mayweather vs. During the time of the fight, I was at a company retreat with all my staff. We went to UFC. TV to purchase the fight so we could watch it and I experienced what many did.

I could not get in. The fight was what I expected it to be, even though we had to watch it with streaming issues. The response from UFC president Dana White, castrating NeuLion on social media and in every media interview he did, was also no surprise.

TV experience for years. They have in many ways defined what a live streaming event should be, and from what Dana and NeuLion have told me, it has been a great partnership.

Personally, I worked with NeuLion for a short time. Years ago, when I got a call from BodyBuilding. Com to broadcast the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic bodybuilding championships I was completely out of my league.

Mayweather vs. McGregor World Tour

Up until that point, the biggest event The Streaming Network had produced as a corporate webcasting provider was 5, concurrent viewers and my contact at BodyBuilding. And NeuLion delivered. They provided me and my customer an almost perfect experience. At every stage of the engagement they told us why we needed to invest where we did and what they could and could not support.

In the end, all parties were happy and I have to thank NeuLion for that. BUT…I fully understand where Dana is coming from.

Livestream the Mayweather & McGregor fight

The Streaming Network has always prided ourselves on working with the very best technology partners we have access to. For the past four years that has been ON24, but before that we relied on partners like NeuLion and others for certain events like the Mr. There are two key elements to every broadcast like this: technology and people.

There are humans behind the technology and people can make mistakes. I should disclose that there have been times more than I would like to admit that the issue our customers faced had nothing to do with the underlying technology selected to serve up there event, but the humans we entrusted to make the event a success.

The important piece to remember is to learn from these mistakes and make changes. What can we learn about this experience?

When your office internet goes down for 10 minutes you recognize it was a blip. TV extravaganza, a webinar, or any sort of virtual event it is likely the biggest communication you are running that week, that month or maybe that year!

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Live Stream Info

So you need to ensure that the partner you entrust can handle that immense responsibility. Platform first! Can it handle the load you are going to provide?

Do they serve similar companies? Do they serve the audience you are looking to reach? Can they share their infrastructure and disaster recovery protocols?

Technology is not perfect, things happen during a live event and at that point the people behind it are really what saves the day. When looking for a partner, consider the business outcomes you need. Find a partner that has experience with companies similar to yours, reaching a similar audience as your target, and meets all of your criteria.

Mayweather vs McGregor

If the team or the technology is not up the task, you will experience an issue. In my experience Dana and the UFC did everything right.

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They worked with a provider with a proven track record for delivering high volume and high profile streaming experiences. I cannot even really blame him for blaming them afterwards BUT as a service provider myself I would have liked to see him stand by his provider and address the issue differently.

To my friends at NeuLion: Keep your chin up and, as we all do, learn from whatever mistake occurred here and continue to revolutionize the Live Streaming Game as you have for many years! Starting his career in virtual events in , Matt is an industry veteran that is passionate about helping customers stand out in their industry with compelling virtual events that people want to attend.

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