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His match was played at Sharjah Stadium in Sharjah. At the same time, in Group E, Qatar won against Lebanon. He reached the second spot in his group. In the second half, Japan came back and scored three goals in 15 minutes For him, the first two goals were forward Yuvraj Saco in 56th and 60th minutes.

  • I think it was a bit of a stalemate for both teams and Uzbekistan were the unlucky team that went home in pens.
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After 11 minutes, midfielder Ritsu Doen scored the third goal for Japan. For Turkmenistan, Ahmet Atayev scored more goals in the 79th minute, but it was not enough to win the team.

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After this win, Japan is at the top of the Group-F with three points. The team of Turkmenistan, taking part in the tournament for the second time, is in third position.

In the match against Oman, Odil Ahmedov of Uzbekistan made his team in the 34th minute.

However, 13 minutes later, Eldor Shamrudov of Uzbekistan convinced the team to win the goal. Bashar al-Ravi of Qatar opened the account of the Goalkeeper team in the 65th minute.

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After 14 minutes, Alamoz Ali scored the goal and scored the score in favor of That score remained till the end of the match. Qatar Group is number two in the index table. She and Saudi Arabia have points.

However, the goals of Saudi Arabia are more.

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