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Friday, January 17, 2020 1:29:31 PM

Quinnipiac opens play at the tournament against Colorado, which takes place on Friday, Nov. We're looking forward to hosting an event that matches the standard we have come to expect in the U.

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DICK'S Sporting Goods Store in Lynchburg, VA

Google Calendar ICS Trailhead International Builders is a non-profit that raises initial funding for church and community center facilities offering ongoing programs in youth sports centers, kids feeding centers, and adult literacy centers in developing nations.

As they work to raise awareness for their works and educate and rally troops in our area they wanted to start that off by putting their support and efforts behind one of Lynchburg's local churches.

Our dear friends at Breakthrough Lynchburg have began the very early stages of looking for a building to call home.

They have spent the past few years bouncing between different spaces and have watched their community grow and have come to realize the next steps in growing this community is through a space that they have access to 7 days a week for more programming and opportunities.

As you can imagine, buildings, renovations, outfitting a space isn't cheap. This is where Trailhead focuses.

Lynchburg High School Sports

They assist in the early stages to help get the ball rolling. So how are we gonna do this? Trailhead wanted to throw a concert and invite people out, friends, family and anyone that wants to attend to show.

  • Instead, what you will find documented here are several lesser-known, unusual, sometimes esoteric, occasionally bizarre and, in almost all cases, absurd attractions of the area, along with an equally-absurd accompanying "history. If you live in Central Virginia and thought you knew everything there was to know about the area, perhaps you will "discover" a few things you didn't know after all.
  • Engineers assessing the dam said it was stable on Friday as they sought to lower water levels in the area. On Thursday night, the National Weather Service issued a flash-flood warning for the area around College Lake Dam near Lynchburg, which has a population of more than 80,
  • Drop off at picnic pavilion at Claytor Nature Center p. Pickup at picnic pavilion p.
  • Johnson Stadium.
  • There was a festive feel in the air — as usual, a live band kicked things off with some Christian rock.

The night will feature music by John Mark Pantana, staff and community members of Breakthrough will be there to talk to about their vision for the future and Trailhead will be there to educate anyone that is interested to hear more about what they do.

Backline Coffee will be open for the event serving coffee, tea, lemonades, etc. Speakertree will have the store open.

Cave Spring v. Hidden Valley hoops

Doors: 7PM.

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