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It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who seeks to gain recognition from his peers and also dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. New PC game added every 60 Hours. Be careful, though, the only things that go in the Main namespace are tropes and should be created through the YKTTW system. Konohagakure- Morning of the Genin exam It was a normal day in Konoha, as the sun rose in the sky, waking many as it cast it's glow across the land. Impressively faithful to the universe of the anime, the game takes players through the Shippuden story arc.

Naruto [Kurama Mode]

His village sealed the One Tailed Beast, Shukaku, inside him. Eventually this powerful monster would be recklessly sealed inside the emotionally unstable Gaara, but it started locked in a prison with Bunpuku. The villagers feared young Bunpuku and jailed him, and Shakaku, for the entirety of their life together.

However, against the village's cruelty and prejudice, Bunpuku was a kind pacifist.

Naruto vs jigen

Without anyone else to talk to, he and the One-Tailed Beast became friends. While one of the more mentally sound jinchuriki, years spent imprisoned and powerless makes him easily one of the weakest ninja. That doesn't discount his indomitably strong spirit, though.

Though Kushina was afraid of becoming a jinchuriki, she understood its necessity and accepted her role in protecting Konoha. As an Uzumaki, Kushina has deep chakra levels and the ability to be a great ninja. However, as time went on, she was more drawn to being a friend and wife over the life of a shinobi.

If it wasn't for the Nine Tails Tragedy, she also would have been a great mother.

When does naruto fight nine tails

While many others get shunned, despised, or ridiculed, Shibuki did his best to make sure Fu was defended and cared for. Unfortunately, that upbringing became part of Fu's downfall. Like any wide-eyed young teen, she was desperate to learn what was beyond her secluded lifestyle and signed up for the Chunin Exams, against Shibuki's wishes.

During the exams, she made friends with several Konoha genin. She was an outgoing butterfly, hyperactive to explore the world.

Sadly, the Akatsuki tracked her down and, in a feign to befriend her, extracted her Seven Tailed Beast, Chomei, which ended her life. Though she was likely the happiest jinchuriki, it didn't save her from the ills of the world.

When Rin Nohara, a young chunin and beloved team member of Kakashi and Obito, became the host for the Three-Tailed Beast, everything in their lives changed.

After all, Isobu wasn't meant to stay in Rin. Enemies captured her to use her as a human time bomb, waiting to slay her and set the beast free once it reached Konoha. Though it devastated him, Rin decided Kakashi had to end her life instead of risking Konoha. This broke Obito's heart, hardened Kakashi's, and took a fierce, brave ninja from Konoha.

Rin may only have been Isobu's jinchuriki for a short time, but her selfless bravery made her a very strong Konoha protector. When she was only two years old, she and Matatabi were bound together. Her people put her through years of rigorous, unforgivable training.

While her most distinctive power is her long, blade-like nails, Yugito is also proficient in fire jutsu.

Naruto Shippuden

Combined with the power of her fearsome beast, Yugito is a force to be reckoned with. It's more a testament to the immense strength of other jinchuriki that she's so low on the list. As a team, Yugito and Matatabi are impressive and respectable. Between the Six-Tailed Beast inside him and his home village's bloody practices, his youth must have been terribly hard.

Utakata's beast, Saiken, is one of the most unique Tailed Beasts. While most of the creatures are fearsome mammals, Saiken is a soapy slug. His abilities combined with Utakata's innate water powers made the young ninja a bubble master, using them for shielding, entrapment, and more.

As the jinchuriki of Gyuki, the Eight Tailed Beast, he had a difficult time keeping the tentacle puppy in line. For most of his life, Blue B was known to have trouble sleeping, plagued by darkness and loneliness.

He learned to accept it might be part of the jinchuriki experience, especially for ones like him who were "incompatible" with their beast. When he came to, he deeply regretted this and wished the next jinchuriki better luck.

He fully believed Killer B, his successor, might be able to control Gyuki in a way he never could. Fans only met him once he was resurrected by Kabuto for the Fourth Shinobi War, but he immediately leaves an impression.

After his passing, his village revered him as the legendary steam ninjutsu master. Han and Kukuo are possibly the calmest and most friendly of all the tailed-beast duos, as it's not their friendship that keeps Kukuo calm.

Naruto VS Haku

This beast is one of the few that is pacifistic in nature, only choosing battle when necessary. As a legendary warrior, Han is up there when it comes to strength.

When her people were in danger, she took it upon herself to seal the dangerous, threatening Nine-Tailed Beast within her body.

Category : Shop When does naruto fight nine tails The process involves Naruto communicating directly with the Nine-Tails in a special chamber in an attempt to gain control over its power; however, should he fail. He used initial jinchuriki form while fighting neji in Ep He used it Answers Below.

Using her clan's high chakra capacity, she kept the threat at bay for the entirety of her life. While Kushina was terrified of housing Kurama, Mito comforted her and told her she was strong enough if she countered its hatred with love.

Though Hashirama saved the village from Madara's assaults, it's Mito's daring decision that helped solidify his ability to do so.

Without the Nine-Tailed beast reigning havoc, he could pacify the true threat. Any woman powerful and bold enough to seal such a beast is a pretty strong character.

Tied to fire and rock, he became a fierce, impressive lava ninja as well as the jinchuriki of Son Goku, the Four-Tailed Beast.

In his journey to understand his fiery beast better, Roshi left his village to explore the monster inside. Though his hot-headed style aided him in battle, it was also what led to Roshi's downfall.

When the Otsutsuki were in pursuit, Roshi attacked before assessing the situation. Roshi was subdued and Son Goku was extracted. Despite his headstrong nature, he deserved a nobler end.

Between his lava, aggressive beast, and heavy attacks, Roshi is no jinchuriki to attack without a plan.

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