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Friday, December 20, 2019 4:04:30 AM

Mohu An indoor digital TV antenna, like this model from Mohu, is all you need to watch in-market NFL games outdoor models will work as well. You can watch the remaining games with some combination of the following services.

How The NBA Makes Money: Television, Merchandising, Ticket Sales

This is especially true when China randomly decides to boycott the NBA over a single tweet this last October.

NBA How to watch basketball games without cable

Fortunately, there are multiple ways, both free and paid, that allow you to watch NBA in China for the season. Below you can read all about the best ways to watch NBA games while living overseas.

Just hours before the start of the NBA season , Sky Sports has announced a new four-year broadcast deal to exclusively air NBA games in the United Kingdom, making it the destination to catch all the action.

Naturally, high-quality and reliable methods come with a price tag, while the free options are fickle and often low-quality. Note: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you, I may be compensated if you decide to purchase one of the services below.

How to watch the NBA in the UK

Rest assured I only recommend what I personally have used here in China, and I appreciate your support of this free website! With NBA League Pass, you can watch live and replayed games all season long along with condensed replays on demand, which with the time difference between China and the US, makes staying on top of your favorite NBA team all the more easy.

Get multiple language options to listen to for commentary.

NBA TV Schedule on ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV

The option to watch condensed games skip timeouts, replays, etc. Premium subscriptions grant additional features such as access to classic games and zero commercials. Hulu Live TV , for example, allows you to watch NBA games live along with games from other major pro and college leagues learn how to watch Hulu in China here.

NBA Finals schedule: Warriors vs Raptors dates, times, TV channel

An added perk to these services is not only can you watch the NBA in China, but you can also watch plenty of other shows you like from your favorite TV networks. Lastly, many services may only stream NBA games live forcing you to get up at the crack of dawn to watch your favorite team play.

There are now a number of great services that allow you to watch English TV shows in China. Each has its own package of programs, channels, and features from the U.

Remember, use of these TV streaming services requires a good VPN for China , so make sure you have that set up before you attempt to stream a game using this method. From there, select the live game you want to watch and login with your cable TV provider.

NBA Sports Package

The big upside of this approach is you may be able to watch the NBA in China with no cost above what you or your folks back home are already paying for cable TV. The downside is you will also experience game blackouts based on your geographic location.

The benefits to this method is it will save you plenty of cash since subscription prices are much lower than the foreign-based subscriptions.

NBA TV Listings and Teams

The obvious downside here is the website, app, and sportscasting are all done in the Chinese language. From there you can register for your account and choose your method of payment, which includes Alipay. You can also access the website through QQ using the link below.

CCTV 5 is the sports broadcasting channel in China and you can watch NBA basketball during the regular season for free along with other sports on the channel.

NBA News, Scores, Fantasy Games and Highlights

Again the major downside here is you cannot watch the games in English. But as there is a giant fanbase in China for NBA basketball, you are likely to find a great sports scene at the nearest bar. If not, you can always add TV to your Internet subscription for a small fee.

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