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Its programming consisted of hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure shows. In its early days, the channel reached around one million homes and found most of its carriage via the then-infant platforms of direct broadcast satellite services and digital cable. Coverage of the Tour on OLN brought substantially greater viewership to the then fledgling channel, due in part to the then-growing popularity of American rider Lance Armstrong. OLN's executives believed that bringing Survivor into its lineup would fit well with the new direction it had planned for OLN, and could attract viewership from fans of the show who had watched it on CBS. OLN planned to cover these multi-day events in a similar style to how it covered the Tour, hoping that its coverage might bring "surprise" results for the channel.

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Share this post: Sky and NBC are changing how we consume sport — but is it enough to stem the tide? June 29, Chris McMullan Share this post: This week, two developments look set to shake up the landscape ahead of the next bidding war for Premier League broadcast rights.

In the US, NBC announced that they would be streaming live Premier League games the course of next season, whilst in the UK, Sky Sports will change the way they offer sports packages , potentially cutting costs for consumers.

What Channel Is NBCSN?

Unsurprisingly, the rise of live-streaming and the popularity of OTT services like Netflix and Spotify became part of the discussion. In fairness, sports broadcasters have changed over the last few years.

When Sky launched Now TV, it was taking on the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime quite directly in the entertainment sphere, offering on-demand box sets and movies for a low-cost monthly price, but it also offered live sport, too. The price might be the most striking part of all of this.

For the price of one DVD a month, you can watch a different one every night. The sports package, however, was more than three times more expensive.

Sky Sports News to get daily NBC Sports slot

Digital media and the internet, then, has allowed people to get their entertainment easily and without having to shell out vast sums of money. But it does allow consumers to pay only for what they want to watch, and that leads to its own problems.

And yet, dedicated fans will still have to pay twice. Football is the obvious one, with rights held across BT and Sky, but rugby, cricket and increasingly boxing, too, are being hosted by multiple broadcasters in the UK.

Could an NBC Universal buyout of Sky TV get past regulators? Experts' verdict

The subscription part is perhaps the most interesting bit. Such a system would be hard to create, but if a deal could be done, it could create a similar Netflix-style model for journalism.

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All of which could mean that Facebook is attempting to become a hub for media and entertainment rather than just a social networking site.

It is already a curator of content, serving up articles to individuals based on its algorithms, so why not curate even further, becoming the gatekeeper to all the sports, news and entertainment the internet has to offer?

At the same time as all of this is happening, though, the next cycle of rights negotiations is about to start.

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And having already boosted the price they pay for flagship content, just how low can broadcasters go with their pricing anyway? OTT platforms have brought huge choice, ease of access, and a low price to consumers in entertainment.

Sport, at its heart, is entertainment, too. It might not be long before the public starts to get restless. Share this post:.

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