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In fact there are just two things are missing from the SportWatch: music and Apple. The only trace of involvement from Apple in this product is their logo on the shoe sensor. The SportWatch offers many significant advances over the SportBand, as you would expect, given that it is three time the price. The display is large and clear, with bright backlighting and controls that are robust and well located.

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It's priced less than many competing products, and that all combines to make it an excellent product. Build and Design The SportWatch GPS is bigger and badder than your average sport watch; the face is large and heavy and will take some time to get use to wearing.

If it bothers you wearing it like a normal watch, try wearing it so the face is on the inside of your wrist. It comes in multiple colors and style combinations that runners can choose from.

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After four months of wear and tear, it still looks good. The yellow band does show dirt so the black band might be the way to go for those runners who want an out of the box look.

So how does it work? The face reads the time, date and battery life on the front.

Loading interface

To access the menus, there are three buttons on the side of the watch. It selects the option you want. The menus without the heart rate monitor are as follows: clock, run, history, records and stopwatch.

The clock menu is pretty self explanatory; it adjusts the time and date on the face of the watch.

The watch has worked well, with one critical and debilitating flaw that has turned it into a piece of jewelry. Critical Lesson: Design for partial failure conditions aka, always provide a workaround The watch relies on what appeared to be a very clever USB connection hidden in the strap buckle see photos.

It also allows users to set an alarm. Run sets the watch before, you guessed it, a run. You can also adjust how the watch tracks your runs by turning the lap or interval feature on.

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You can also quick start a run by holding down the third button for about three seconds. The history menu reads back all your saved runs. If you are more interested in know your fastest time, pace, etc. The watch saves your total miles, fastest mile, fastest kilometer, fastest 5k, fastest 10k and longest run.

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The stopwatch feature is just that: a stop watch. I learned that the hard way but Nike actually suggests docking the SportWatch GPS before every run for that exact reason. Or simply end the run on the same screen.

The battery life of the SportWatch is outstanding; I probably charge it about once a month. The software also lets you adjust all the settings on your watch including your weight, height, age, gender and distance units for more accurate readings.

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You can also customize the face data, laps and intervals as I mentioned previously. Nike lays it out in numbers, charts and graphs and you can even create a little profile and upload a picture of yourself to make it more fun.

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I like the style, the large face, the tracking options and the support software. And the best part? I did have some issues with the satellite linking but managed to correct that by docking the watch before each use.

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