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Wednesday, January 22, 2020 6:26:46 AM

AZ Challenge your friends and family members to a high-intensity 2 or 3-player arcade tank battle! Quick reactions and sharp keyboard tapping skills are key to tank-blasting success in this fun 2D Flash shooting game. Good battle strategy is also extremely important on the narrow maze battlefield.

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I dunno Boot player function wasn't working quite right. Now it is. Multi-domain support, in case you get blocked.

Love, Shell Shockers.

1v1 games browser

RPEGG firing delay removed. Oh, and a cool new map. Get them before they see their shadows! Private game creators can now boot naughty players.

Tetris Friends Online Games

You can now mute other players. Their chat will no longer show, and their name will be changed to a random one. Black egg shell color had to go. It is now bright green, so you can see those cracks!

Team player count balance now enforced once again in public games only. Fixes to the Auto Detail option in the Settings menu. Did a bunch of boring server stuff to help mitigate lag spikes Fixed some weapon-switching problems for you people who can't be bothered to wait 2 measly seconds before jumping into the Equipment screen and changing everything.

New health bar. Much compact and fancy!

Mortal Kombat Online

New skins are available. I know we're a friendly bunch, but nobody likes spawning on top of their teammates, so that shouldn't happen now. Servers were having a hard time keeping up with new game requests, leaving a lot of people with 'Matchmaker Offline' messages.

It's like a Golden Chicken, but kinda not!

1 vs 1 Fights Games, play them online for free on GamesXL.

Better, more diverse spawn points Improved inter-server communication Golden Chicken Pass! More shell colors! No ads! Buy now!

Fighting Games

New, improved egg death animation. No more rushing people and blowing yourselves up, losers! Very slight tweaks to other weapons that I'm not going to tell you about. I'm already regretting just typing this. Live Twitch streamer list. Turkey Day skins are here!

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Worked on some server stability nonsense Next time! Yeah, it's a new gun; don't have a heart-attack.

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Do prepare yourself for the fact that everyone will be using it for a while, though. Fixed an issue where new games couldn't be created on a server after a while. If you see a message complaining about the match-maker, just give it a moment and try again.

Fixed an issue where you could only enter 2 lines of smack in chat while dead.

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