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It expands on its predecessor game by offering four combat styles in addition to wrestling. This action game is heavily influenced by hip hop, as is evident in the brands and characters that make an appearance within the story. Play as an unknown fighter and make your way through the New York underground to earn cash for clothes, haircuts, and other customizations. Follow the story line to rescue your damsel in distress, or play against up to three other fighters in Battle Mode, testing your skills against fellow gamers.

Def Jam: Fight for NY Critic Reviews for PlayStation 2

Of the four Def Jam fighting games it stands head and shoulders above its peers. What should change: Compression, compression, compression — The original Xbox version of the game clocks in at around 2. The movies for the game clock in at MB themselves, and only one would be required to truly keep the game intact, the rest are game logos which can be converted to static images and ads for movies of the time.

Cutting fluff and compressing the rest could easily bring the game to 1.

The World Needs A Def Jam: Fight for New York Sequel

Features from Vendetta and The Takeover — The Takeover features a few new gameplay mechanics, such as being able to tackle a downed foe and attack them. Seems like an obvious inclusion. On the flipside Vendetta had new arenas and four silent protagonists to choose from.

Maybe adding the arenas and characters from Vendetta would put the game over the 2GB limit—if so then they could be offered as DLC.

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Online play — Last generation online play was largely ignored on consoles. Sometimes you just feel the need to reach out and punch someone.

What should stay the same: Deadly combat — Man, oh man, this game had some of the best brawling of its time. It appealed to fans of wrestling games, fans of street brawlers, heck, even those you just want to beat up a buddy and trash talk. The game featured five main fighting styles, and any two could be combined into an all new style.

Throwback Thursday: Beats and beatdowns in Def Jam: Fight for New York

To top it all off there were literally dozens of weapons you could grab from the crowd. From bottles to tire irons, the weapons created that advantage you needed to come back from dear death or deliver the final blow.

Once the fighting begins you can visit the barber shop for crazy haircuts and dyes, the tattoo parlor for some ink, the jewelry dealer to bling up, or the local clothing store to pick through a massive assortment of threads.

Combine that with the ability to learn two fightstyles and multiple finishing moves and no created character is ever the same. Celebrity cast — Fight for New York is known for its huge cast of Def Jam artists and other celebrities. But other celebs lend their likenesses as well.

New Content Added to the Site Daily! Review by Matt Martin, European Editor 18 November You don't often find a videogame that's so unapologetic in its intention. Taking its cue from the rude, ignorant, macho and downright nasty world of mainstream US hip-hop, it rolls around in its own stupid crap like a grinning pig.
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The cast is varied, and each has a distinct personality and fighting style. Tunes — Rap is an acquired taste.

Def Jam: Fight for NY Game

Like Country music, not all of us can stomach the hardcore of the genre. It had the ability to bring any type of gamer in to have a good time. This could easily bring MSP and would only cost the developer porting and licensing costs.

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