Printed Instructions For Armitron Womens Sport Watch

Saturday, September 28, 2019 7:29:51 PM

Oregon rmspu manual New York To set an Armitron Wr watch, use the buttons on the upper and lower left- and right-hand sides of the watch to manipulate the seconds, minutes, hours and This manual books file was hosted in Manuals Banner.

Timex Sports Watch Instructions

The owners of this watch will appreciate the following instructions, because they a re readable, and fix an error in the documentation that comes with the watch.

Armitron Women's Digital Wristwatches for sale

Farking idiots. Hourly chime symbol, a house shape appears in "chime" windows to indicate the hourly chime will beep every hour.

Armitron watch instruction manual Textbook

With "D" Alarm still pressed, press "C" Date again. Alarm symbol a clock shape with waves above it appears in the upper right to indicate the 24 hour alarm is now activated.

It came without instructions and when it got set to 24 hour format instead of 12 hour, it drove me crazy trying to set it back. My watch is a WR it has an EL button below the display, so I'm guessing it's an Eclipse, but that's just a guess and the buttons are a little different that the one you've diagramed out.

The light and mode buttons are reversed.

Countdown and 24 Hour Timers Water Resistant ft.

Using your instructions as a guide, I found out that if you hold down the alarm button D and press the mode button A the format changes from 12 to 24 hour. Update: If you want to contact Armitron, call Armitron at

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