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No longer to be seen as the symbol and status of the rich, the watch actually becomes increasingly relevant and necessary nowadays as a statement that speaks more about your personality and way of life. When you wear a watch, people will notice and ask many questions: why do you choose this design and how does it compliment you? SincePuma has been in the business of empowering successful souls and it is not hard to see why and how. Puma boasts incredible watches that will revolutionise your lifestyle and maximise your performance like a overclocked computer. It has been proven that people will generally favor simpler designs because they are easy to mix and match with their outfits.

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More recently, Manchester City joined the list of winning teams signed to the brand and fans of the football club can expect to see more Puma ambassadors emerge from this team.

Apart from collaborations with renowned athletes, celebrity tie-ups are also crucial for Puma, which, according to Le-Bretton, has a customer demographic ranging in age from seven to 77 in this region. Collaborations and the ambassador status of people like shoe designer Sophia Webster, singers Selena Gomez and model Adriana Lima are likely to appeal to the former, who in some markets dominate this consumer segment.

Even fashion brands make sneakers. When you are the first, it is easier to grow in the beginning … Sportswear brands are becoming lifestyle brands due to comfort and desirability. It has become increasingly common in the past two years to see people wearing something suited for the gym on the street or training shoes as daily footwear.

Best Online Shop Puma Watches This company was founded in the year by Rudolf Dassler in Germany. Puma official stores are available in more than 80 countries of the world and various famous and popular online stores also.

The people who start trends are the youngsters — the millennials and GenZ. I think we are one of the few brands to really take care of these people by incorporating lifestyle with sportswear in our designs.

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Is this forever? One of the must-have wardrobe essentials are sneakers, more specifically retro ones fitted with chunky soles, Le-Bretton says. Our new management and new CEO have been involved in product direction since day one and you can really see the change.

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While, like many other brands, Puma may be riding the athleisure wave now, it is cautious about remaining close to its roots in sport. Having been a part of the brand for as long as he has, Le-Bretton uses the analogy of a football team to explain his key takeaway during his 12 years and counting with Puma.

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The first thing I tried to achieve when I arrived here was to build a solid team. You can set up all the strategies you want, but you need a strong team that can work together to achieve goals. It is almost like a football team that is playing well because they work together and can anticipate what the other is going to do — and that is how they win.

It is true that you need a good coach, but it is also important to have a good team.

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