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QTV Sports What does your business do? QTV Sports is a Multimedia production company specialising in livestreaming of sporting events, and production, curation, and distribution of video content.

How long has the business been running? Trading for 4 years How many people do you employ? Currently 5 Where is the company based?

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Currently based at Charing Cross in Glasgow. How did the business get started? The business was founded as an extra-curricular pet project to provide livestreamed coverage for Cricket Scotland TV.

It was initially run from home and later enjoyed support at Entrepreneurial Spark, Glasgow. What support has the company received?

Glasgow City Council supported the company's move into Glasgow-based commercial premises, with a rates subsidy and a cash grant.

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What is the company's biggest achievement? The company has been successful in expanding - and in some ways creating - the market for the livestreaming of 'second tier' sporting events - those not covered by the mainstream broadcasters.

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In doing so, it has increased the reach and reputation of many sports governing bodies, and created new employment opportunities for a wide range of young people in Scotland. It has established itself as the leading digital media company of its type in Scotland, and among the top five in the UK as a whole.

What are the company's plans for the next 3 years? The company has developed viable digital content strategies for a number of sports governing bodies, to assist them not just with production, but in maximising the benefits that can flow from professional content on their digital platforms, including increased participation and commercial revenue.

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QTV Sports aims to consolidate its initial successes by implementing a strategic solution to transform sports coverage in Scotland as well as adding more UK and International sports organisations to its client portfolio.

Awards or Achievements Won a major Scottish Edge award, which enabled it to invest in new technology and staff to grow the business Doubled its turnover in each of its first three years, and continues to make substantial progress in gaining new and bigger clients First organisation to broadcast live from six official venues leading up to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, and has now covered events in 18 different sports for clients in Scotland, other parts of the UK, Europe and the wider world Considered the market leader in Scotland and one of the leading digital production companies in the UK In the company was nominated for Best Business and CEO Jack McGill was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in the Innovation in Sports Awards.

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