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The Stroke: The challenge of striking the ball cleanly in court tennis, where the game is played with wooden racquets and balls of felt hand-sewn over solid cores, is far greater than in tennis or squash. The classic stroke is a slicing shot, which places the ball low and makes a good return difficult. Skilled players are able to put a variety of spins on serves and strokes.

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See also: Open era tennis records — men's singles and Open era tennis records — women's singles The French Championships at Roland Garros was the first Grand Slam tournament to become "open" to professionals The "Open era" began in when Grand Slam tournaments agreed to allow professional players to compete with amateurs.

The move is made because the English are tired of the hypocrisy in the sport, the shamateurism that plagues high-class tennis. It is well known that amateurs bargain for — and receive — exorbitant expenses to compete at many tournaments. The Open era allowed all tennis players the opportunity to make a living by playing tennis.

Join refined ladies and gentlemen partaking in a good old-fashioned battle of wits and skill on the court.

In , NTL players did not play in the Australian Open because their organization did not receive a guarantee. He described it as:. This would encourage the best players to compete regularly in the series, so that they could share in the bonus at the end and qualify for a special championship tournament that would climax the year.

The independent professional players along with a few contract players, entered the Grand Prix circuit.

Contract players could play Grand Prix events provided their contracts allowed it, and that they had adequate time apart from their own circuit.

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In , the majority of the best players still mainly played the WCT circuit. Bill Riordan the future manager of Jimmy Connors complicated matters further with a third professional tour, the U. Indoor Circuit.

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In retaliation, 81 out of 84 of Pilic's fellow players who were ATP members, boycotted Wimbledon in response, stating that professional players should have the right of deciding whether to play Davis Cup matches or not.

They were later fined by the ATP for their participation in the tournament.

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Between and , any tennis player who participated in the nascent World Team Tennis , which conflicted with the European leg of the Grand Prix circuit, was banned by the French Tennis Federation from playing in the French Open in the same calendar year.

The Open era, the global professional circuit, and television helped tennis spread globally and shed its elitist, anglocentric image. In America in the s, courts are a common feature of public recreational facilities.

Accordingly, in the s the U.

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Twelve of the Grand Prix which were slightly less prestigious than the first nine events were renamed as the "Championship Series - Double Week" meaning in most cases, 2 of those tournaments occurred the same week , and commencing in , as International Series Gold , while the remaining approximately 60 became known as the International Series.

Winning a Super Nine tournament was worth roughly half the points of winning a Grand Slam tournament , while International Series Gold tournament was worth as much as points depending on the total prize money.

The format continued until at which time the Super Nine were renamed the Masters Series the winner being awarded points , occupying the rank below the Grand Slams points for the winner , and the International Series Gold were renamed to simply the Championship Series worth to points for the winner.

In , the Grand Slam tournaments and the Masters Series tournaments became mandatory professional events if a player's ranking qualifies them for the tournament.

Players were automatically entered and Masters and Slam events became the baseline for player rankings with up to an additional 5 tournaments also counted 18 in all plus the ATP Finals if they qualify. In , the Masters events were renamed the ATP World Tour Masters with the Monte-Carlo Masters becoming a non-mandatory event, meaning a player could use his results from a lower-level tournament in place of it.

The numbers in the tournament type name indicate the winners' ranking points. By way of comparison, a winner of one of the four Grand Slam tournaments is awarded points. Points also began to be awarded for Davis Cup singles play.

The series ended in , and the women did not compete as professionals again until when Alice Marble headlined a tour against Mary Hardwick. World War II hindered most professional competitions and many players were involved with entertaining the troops.

In , women professionals were again in action with a short-lived series of exhibition matches between Pauline Betz and Sarah Palfrey Cooke , both U. National Champions. Althea Gibson turned professional in and joined with Karol Fageros "the Golden Goddess" as the opening act for the Harlem Globetrotters for one season.

When Kramer refused to match the men's prize money, King and Casals urged the other women to boycott.

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Gladys Heldman , American publisher of World Tennis magazine, responded with a separate women's tour under the sponsorship of Virginia Slims cigarettes. In and the WT Women's Pro Tour offered nearly ten times the prize money of other pro women's tennis events.

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  • Royal interest in the game in England began with Henry V but it was Henry VIII who made the greatest contribution to the game by building courts at many of his palaces and by unifying and codifying the game we play now. One of the oldest ball games still played, real tennis has the longest line of consecutive world champions of any sport!
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In , the U. Open made history by offering equal prize money to men and women. The Women's Tennis Association , formed in , is the principal organizing body of women's professional tennis , organizing the worldwide, professional WTA Tour.

From —98, the finals matches of the championship event were best-of-five, uniquely among women's tournaments. In , the finals reverted to best-of-three. The WTA Tour Championships are generally considered to be the women's fifth most prestigious event after the four Grand Slam tournaments.

Each year, a grass-court tournament takes place on its grounds, as well as an induction ceremony honoring new members.

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