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Thursday, January 23, 2020 3:13:18 PM

For this, a kick metre appears on screen. Use to aim the kick, taking into account wind speed and direction as indicated by the arrows.

League: Rugby League Live 4 worst thing to happen to NRL in years

Let's just say I was amazed Kerrod Holland or a year-old boy?

The controls have slightly been tweaked from the previous games in the franchise, but it still feels largely unresponsive, glitchy and confusing. For example, pressing the shoulder button will pass the ball to the closest adjacent player who is always easily picked off by the defence.

Rugby League Live 3 Release Dates Confirmed

You do have the option to perform a more direct pass to a specified player, but this requires you to double-tap a face button, while also holding down a shoulder button - a movement every bit as awkward as it sounds.

Kicking in the game is also a horrible experience, with defenders already in your face before you have a chance to press the multiple buttons needed for a clearing kick.

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Sure, these would get easier the more you played, but they are still very strange combinations. The game also removes any advantage seen with quick play-the-balls, with every tackle taking forever to be complete.

Rugby League Live 3 Release Date Rumoured

These criticisms don't even address the fact the evade and fend controls are about as effective as Ben Hunt's catching in the Grand Final. In addition to the lack of ability to put on massive shots when tackling, the player calling mechanic for defence is hugely confusing.

Admittedly, there are tutorials, but they are pretty much worthless.

  • Tweet Rugby games are few and far between these days.
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  • It will be developed by NovaPen Productions for the first time in the game series.
  • Rugby League enters the next-generation with Rugby League Live 3! Rugby League Live 3 includes the following features and more: Improved Career mode and Be A Pro - take a Forward or a Back through the ranks of a U20 team into a full professional squad Vastly improved Instant Replay System including super slow-mo and user defined camera placement — get right into the action!
  • Multiplayer Although originally announced for a Q2 release, publisher, Tru Blu Entertainment has since announced that the 2nd Quarter release would not be met. The official trailer was released [2] on 14 August along with a launch date of 10 September , confirmed by Big Ant Studios and Sony Australia.

While I have criticised the game heavily, I will admit it does have its moments of beauty. As the game allows you to change to the playing rosters, I am able to do what Des Hasler hasn't with my beloved Canterbury side - drop Mbye, Hoppa and Lichaa to reserve grade.

Rugby League Live 3 Review

Jokes aside, one of the improvements in the game is the ability to hold L2 to strafe with a player and lock in onto an opponent. The game also has allows you to clearly see which line players are running in attack, but this doesn't really mean much with the poor controls. In terms of game options, Rugby League Live 4 offers the usual exhibition, tournament and online game modes, plus a lengthy career mode allowing you to build up a team.

Be a Pro mode also returns and allows you to take control over one player on the field, similar to what is seen on EA's soccer game. Other good features include turning off the console with your controller and never playing again.

Rugby League Live 3

And this is coming from a man who loves his footy and wanted nothing more than for the game to be a huge success. Maybe Rugby League Live 5 will get it right.

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