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Tuesday, August 27, 2019 7:06:14 PM

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This is not a defensive conference. In this case, the catcher is permitted to go to the mound and speak to the new pitcher without being charged a defensive conference.

In conversation with the crew today, it was communicated one member knew the rule was not being applied properly but did not insert himself in the on-field discussion and fix it.

BB: Butler Holds Off Hofstra To Close Out RussMatt Invitational

Just because the catcher moves up does not mean that we as umpires have to move. In other words: Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do Continuing our Hit By Pitch focus.

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A clarification and a video….. As umpires we need to acknowledge when this occurs. In this situation, our eyes should immediately scan our partners and identify whether they may have additional information.

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This is not only acceptable but encouraged — we would like to see the plate umpire in this situation get help from a base umpire. Please make sure to hydrate as needed Rules reminder: If there is a rules question and a potential protest is imminent, locate the Site Director or a UCU representative.

Should you be working a game at one of the auxiliary sites, get out the rule book and make sure the rule is being applied properly The Hit By Pitch rule has been changed this year.

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