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The Act sets requirements for both public and commercial broadcasters. Rules for public broadcasters and programming The Media Act sets requirements for public broadcasters in the Netherlands and programming. There are also rules for advertising on the public channels. They also cover special events such as days of national celebration and remembrance.

Media Act: rules for broadcasters and programming

Love3 Sports fans have seen their heroes making the most beautiful goals and breaking records on the screen for years. The love for the sport and associated content has not changed over the years. On the other hand, the expectations of fans about how they are involved in the live sport and how they can express themselves are changing.

How To Become A Sports commentator

New companies that activate content, have taken place on the stage and are growing much faster than the content creators such as traditional broadcasters.

This shows a clear shift in how fans can experience live sports on new platforms compared to how sports are currently being offered by traditional broadcasters. How can broadcasters and leagues take advantage of this shift by using new technologies to offer fans more social interactions and direct influence in the game?

Below are a number of examples of current possibilities and our vision for the future regarding fan engagement during live sports. The starting point for this is to try to increase the interaction possibilities between fans and involvement with the product. Stimulate social interaction through overlays with fan engagement applications An example of increasing the involvement and social interaction between fans can come from overlays.

Companies that offer overlays for Twitch, for example, are numerous. This is because it improves the experience of the viewer. An overlay can be integrated with live images.

Which applications could be bundled and how would this look like for sports broadcasters? Fantasy sports See in realtime how many points your fantasy players score Make live substitutions for your fantasy team Check how your friends are performing and what changes they are doing Gameday , a startup from Y-combinator, focuses on the integration of fantasy sports in Facebook Messenger.

This too has integration possibilities through a gaming overlay. Playing a live quiz where the questions come on your mobile and pop-ups in the screen or chatting with your friends can be very engaging and it has not been implemented during live sports broadcasts.

Stats Choose which stats you want to see live on your screen during the match.

Want to follow a specific player or see general stats? The time to market of data can reduce drastically through new technologies and cameras that have been developed.

By using these overlays there are also many other possibilities for gaining revenue, think of betting, sponsoring etc … This is what Geoff Reiss, GM of Yahoo Sports explains in his podcast how we consume sports in the future.

Give fans influence over the match before experiencing it A good example of a success story where fans are directly involved in the product competition is formula E.

Sport and broadcasting rights: adding value

A way to stay active both on social during non-racing days and to stay involved with the product. Striking is the growth of years with the sport.

Overview of Careers in Sports Broadcasting

Does this increasingly demanding group set the standard for what can be expected from broadcasters and leagues? An example of what awaits us is the fan-controlled football league in the US. Here fans can determine their tactics from home, via mobile apps, which will be performed on the field by the players.

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