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Saturday, January 25, 2020 12:49:56 PM

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The family-friendly media giant is known for its more modest titles such as Family Circle, Family Fun and Midwest Living. The acquisition has led the staff at SI to wonder what the new ownership means for its annual swimsuit edition, which has been the best-selling issue in Time Inc's magazine franchise for more than two decades.

Sports Illustrated's famed swimsuit edition may have to tone down the sexiness under its new owner Meredith. Model Danielle Herrington, 24, is pictured on the cover The swimsuit edition is published once a year featuring page after page of tanned and toned models in barely-there outfits.

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  • Flint Lockwood Bill Hader has been a longtime inventor, although not a very good one. Most of his inventions have failed, putting Flint at the epicenter of mockery.
  • That means Sports anchors will be able to offer live looks and in-game highlights for the biggest games on TV, as well as integrate Sports Illustrated content into the app.
  • Rather, they want to be brands.

Busty blonde Kate Upton, 25, has been on the cover three times The issue is bracing for big changes under Meredith, with sources have suggested that forthcoming issues will be more modest, resembling earlier issues like the one above The first SI swimsuit edition was introduced in , and today it generates seven percent of the magazine's annual revenue.

It traditionally sells more than one million copies, about 10 to 15 times as many as regular editions.

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The famed release features page after page of tanned, toned models in skimpy bikinis is known for pushing societal boundaries with near-nudity that has often been called pornographic.

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