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Nutrition is critical to optimising sports performance. Your body is a finely tuned vehicle and without the fuel it needs it will not function at its best. The foods you eat before and after training have a huge impact on your results, and by making the best decisions for your body when it comes to nutrition and hydration you may notice an improved performance, better recovery, and even prevent some injuries. Learn how to eat to fuel your body and boost performance today by booking in for a consultation with our qualified Dietitians.

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Based on the description of your goals and issues, I will assess whether I can help you straight away or advice you to see another medical professional first.

In case of the first, we will plan your first minute consultation. Prior to the consultation, I will ask you to fill out an intake form and keep a food journal for three days.

During the consultation, we will discuss your current diet, health, issues and goals. Next, we will put together a personal nutrition plan for you, which I will develop further after the consultation and send you via e-mail within two days.

Online Nutrition Consulting

With this, you can get started. During the whole process, I will support you and be available through WhatsApp or e-mail. In our follow-up consultations of 30 minutes, I will help you to stay on track and find solutions for any barriers you may come across.

In the last consultation of your program, we will wrap up and discuss how you will keep up the new habits, and could possibly improve any further.

Nutrition for Sports & Fitness

We can also plan a follow-up program, depending on your situation and wishes. During all the consultations, you will have the comforts of home, since we carry out the consultations through Skype.

Frequently asked questions Answers to the questions below apply in the Netherlands and to the Dutch healthcare system.

Other rules may apply in other countries. My services and methods of billing remain the same regardless of residency. Do I need a referral letter? You do not need a referral letter from your physician to receive consultation from me. When I cannot come to a clear diagnosis, I will refer you to a general practitioner or other medical professional first.

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If this is the case for your health insurance company, you can ask for a referral at your general practitioner. Call your general practitioner and ask for a referral letter to see a dietitian. Will the treatment be reimbursed? The basic insurance covers three hours of dietary consultation.

That means three hours of dietary consultation with me will be partly reimbursed.

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If you have already spent these healthcare costs, between 60 and percent of euro fixed rate for three hours maximum will be reimbursed. If you have additional healthcare insurance, more will possibly be reimbursed.

How does the payment work? I am a contract-free dietitian, which means I have not signed any contracts with health insurance companies.

Contracts from health insurance companies contain more and more conditions which are disadvantageous for both client and dietitian.

For this reason, I choose to work without them. For you, this means your diet costs will not be handled directly through your health insurance, but you pay the bill in advance and have it reimbursed with your health insurance later.

This gives you the advantage of having more insight into your own healthcare costs. With a contracted dietitian, an hour-rate will be charged and the bill will be handled directly with your health insurance, whereas with me you choose a program and know exactly what will be charged.

I will send you the program bill after the intake consultation and ask you to complete the payment by bank transfer within 14 days. Member of:.

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