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Monday, September 16, 2019 3:16:40 PM

Thischallenging badminton sports game is full of addictive badmintongameplay with most realistic 3D badminton rackets and shuttlecock. Enjoy this crazy league of badminton game full of badmintonstuff including rackets, shuttlecock and nets, where you have to bea star badminton player and perform some real badminton actionslike badminton clear shots, badminton drive shots, badminton dropshots, badminton smash shots, badminton backhand drops and manyothers.

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Tennis for Android

Yes, it is in need of polishing, especially when playing real time vs. It would be cool if we could choose which player to play against as I would invite many friends!

Tennis 3d mod apk download

And it would make it so much better if there were player upgrades available, with all this it could become an amazing game!! Same goes for your Volleyball app.

Its fun and enjoyable..

I have played few other tennis games as well so the only thing missing would be the variety of shots like Lob shot, drop shot, top shin and overhead smash.

I might be asking for too much but here is an input for the dev team to think about. Would greatly benefit from lobs and drop shots. Don't like it taking so long to play next game but doesn't really detract.

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There should be a few more ways to win coins e. Average graphics but great animations and gameplay. A bit simple, whish I could control the height of my shot.

And the dealbreaker is that it closes itself when I try to enter the tournament which is obligatory after the first match. Would rate it 5 stars if I could play it tho.

One of the things you got to make sure is you need to vary shoots with "timing". Whenever you can you should return the shoots short CROSS while hitting the ball at the very last moment- that gives your player timer to get in a better position for the next shoot. Repeat this a couple of times.

Your opponent usually will hit back HARD which gives him less time to position himself good enough for your next should.

Tennis champion 3D for Android

It's very challenging nd time consuming before you can get to to league A even to win d world championship. Bt I find dis game really interesting dough Multi player is really out of it, no Bluetooth or WiFi is involved.

It's also impossible to win by six points in a four set game higher levels of career mode. This app is built on the table tennis app clearly proved in one instance when I won and it read "that was a great game of table tennis".

They're two totally different games. Please get it right. I like that the players are realistic and fault as often as I do.

I like that each swing is color-coded and titled to help me get better. My only issue is it takes a while to win any coins to really do anything with. It costs to play but the rewards aren't that large. I want to modify my player which there should be a female option Fix that and it'll be 5 stars.

Oh and I like that I wasn't hounded to rate the game. However, after my win,it crashed and I cannot open the app again. I deleted the app, then reinstall it. The same thing happened again.

big w online table tennis

Please fix it. Updated version worked well.

Want to have amazing tennis in your smart phone? This app will offer you most fast and fluid control mode and you are allowed to swipe your fingers in order to hit or slice the ball.

Good game. It then switches your score. Games freezes in the middle and Scores. Looks like some nerdy IT mucking up. Cunning manipulation going on here!! Such a shame for a good game. Love playing nevertheless.

He is alert in his calls. Such a cool game so easy to pick up. VERY hard to put down lol.

Compared with other games, it's quiet difficult, but I am crazy about challenge!

Career finisher! Eg s nice lob shot or slice n spinning ball?

3D Ultimate Tennis

Leave player moving on auto just for example make it so you swipe DOWN, so that maybe hit a lob to make a fast hit ball gently drop over net? Maybe like some bowling games ya can 'flick' ya finger at last minute meaning ball gets spin?

Sry to go on and on but game is screaming for control enhancement.

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