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Thursday, December 19, 2019 11:29:55 PM

Create awareness of the events and the product among tennis fans on Facebook. Strategy Tennis TV Sports League Being a live-streaming platform, Tennis TV has unique access and rights to tennis content across the globe as well as a wealth of archive video content. After spending time testing different types of posting strategies, Tennis TV identified video as a key driver in increasing reach and engagement among their fans. As well as creating daily wrap-up videos, Tennis TV gave fans near real-time replays of unmissable moments throughout the tournament and used Facebook Live to give fans exclusive access to their favorite players.

Streaming/Tennis TV issues

Eastbourne live stream: Watch Eastbourne FREE on TV, online

A few years ago, however, that would have been a very odd statement to make. Meanwhile, the US Open was a blue-chip sporting event that you could only catch on Sky. Wimbledon, of course, being the first. Tennis is one thing, football another. The games will fall on Boxing Day and during a week in mid-December.

Tennis Channel Live

Now Amazon has muscled in on a small portion of British football rights. The matches will arguably be the highest number of concurrent streams they have seen, and it remains to be seen whether they will be able to handle this.

10 Things To Know About Tennis Channel's New App

Alex Green promises improvements. That would be a much more unforgiving set of fans, if there [were] issues with the service.

We look at sports alongside other forms of content. We invest in original shows [such as Good Omens or Transparent], we invest in movie production. I mean this literally. If it does, show more tennis, football and so on.

Ever since the inception of the Premier League in , football fans accepted, however reluctantly, that the football was now on Sky. Then, in , the cricket was also hoovered up by Sky. For a while, the Champions League was also only available on Sky.

Problems viewing Tennis Channel

Things became more complicated. Football fans who wanted to watch every game now needed more than one subscription, and potentially more than one physical box. Tennis fans would find some tournaments being shown on Sky, and others, curiously, not. But then Sky bought the golf rights too.

ATP Tennis on Prime

And if you wanted to watch the Cricket World Cup this year, you had to subscribe to Sky. There are around 8 million Prime members in the UK, and million worldwide.

Ultimately, the content is exclusively for Prime members, so reach will suffer. The reality is we already have millions of existing Prime members in the UK. Adding sports just became good news.

The hope for the punters at home is that all of this corporate sparring will lead to more flexibility, more choice, fewer ads and an easier way to follow their player or team for every second of every match.

That may only apply, of course, if they subscribe to Amazon Prime. Related Topics.

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