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WhatsApp Fortunately for those not taken out with a snap of Thanos's fingersMarvel fans have only a few more months to go until they learn the ultimate fates of all the Avengers. On Friday, the first trailer for the final film about the superhero squad was unveiled, and revealed both its title—Avengers: End Game, obviously inspired by Taylor Swift's recent foray into rapping—and when it'll be released—April, exactly one year after the previous film, Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters. Besides that, the trailer didn't give away much. Using his Iron Man helmet, he records a message to Pepper Potts Gwyneth Paltrow explaining that he's out of food and water, and will soon be out of oxygen. Expect for someone—a Guardian of the Galaxy, perhaps?

The fight of our lives

This is the Fight of Our Lives

The story draws you in as he talks about his relationship with his evangelical grandmother and how her beliefs contrast with the Buddhist beliefs of his mother.

One thing Jones also does fabulously is show readers the contrasting sides of himself.

Documentary Explores the Ideological War Against the West Greenfield that examines the threats facing Western Civilization.
Movies in Theaters They have something to fight for again.
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Search form In this entry: Avengers: Endgame. The existence of film franchises goes back to some of the earliest days of cinema.

At home, he is son to a sick mother. Although he eventually comes out to her, he keeps his sexuality somewhat hidden.

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Jones describes the secret life he was leading, floating from one sexual encounter to the next, and the details and stories contrast sharply with his life as a devoted son and diligent student. On all fours with this awful man was the only way I could sever the divide between how wrecked I felt on the inside and how put together and dependable I appeared.

Scenes of sex and violence contrast heavily with scenes of family love and polite conversation, and the chapters appear back to back before we even have a chance to process certain events.

Jones hides parts of himself so well, and the way the events take place in this memoir, he shows us that he had become a fully divided person.

'This Is The Fight Of Our Lives' Avengers: Endgame Mini

I went to the bathroom three times to throw up … The memory started in my kneecaps then raced through me, lighting up every single ache, scrape, and bruise my body had endured. How We Fight for Our Lives is a lyrically beautiful work, deeply personal and honest in its storytelling.

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