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Jaa shares writing and directing credits, in addition to his leading role as the slave-turned-rebel-hero Tian. Despite what you may have heard, it is not a sequel, or a prequel. Nor should it be confused with The Protector a. Are you confused yet?

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Things grow complicated when his search leads him to cross paths with the local crime boss, who loses a great sum of money betting against Ting's fighting skills.

Tom called a the film "a balls-to-the-wall thrill ride where the "plot" merely serves as a guide rail for some of the most insane action sequences ever assembled on screen.

Jaa plays Tien, a young man who is destined to be the great warrior, which is a good thing to be when required to seek vengeance on the slave traders who captured him and those responsibile for killing his father.

Tony Jaa Ong bak 3 Fight Scene HD

Aaron stated "the unoriginality of the screenplay holds it back from being a real winner" yet credits the film for its "balls-to-the-wall action. Although Tien puts up a valiant effort, in an impressive action sequence, he fails to escape, resulting in many of his bones being broken.

Before Rajasena can completely have Tien wiped out, there's a terrible bit of screenwriting where a messenger shows up with a pardon from the king. Tien's body is returned to his village, so it can be rejuvenated.

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Unfortunately for the viewer, his spirit needs to be rejuvenated as well with the teachings of Buddha making for long sequences with very little of interest happening. The screenplay falls flat in a number of other areas.

Tony Jaa Fight Scene Ong Bak 2

Tien is not allowed any redemption against Lord Rajasena as the new villian is Bhuti Sangkha, whose entry into the story isn't clear, even with his magic powers. Tien is shown a more peaceful way of life.

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There is an extended action sequence in the final act that isn't what it appears to be, and all that is accomplished is the filmmakers have tricked the audience for no apparent reason.

They are each housed inside standard blue keepcases.

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The Blu-rays are reported to be region-locked and therefore will only be playable in Region A compatible machines.

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