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Luther H. Hodges, a UNC graduate, but they paused to answer the call.

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Copy in the North Carolina Collection.

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The moon is not ready for us yet, so we must live together here on earth. I woke up this morning to the news that Meadowlark Lemon passed away yesterday.

I logged into A View to Hugh to create a blog post. I retrieved it from the stacks first thing after arriving in my office.

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He played basketball this way for hours until his father came home. During his first basketball game as a freshman he played as a substitute center for an injured teammate against Laurinburg Industrial with their star forward and guard Sam Jones —a future Boson Celtic and NBA Hall of Fame inductee.

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Lemon was green and outplayed by the Laurinburg center; the next year, however, Lemon was named all-state and continued to be a star player throughout high school. He graduated from Williston in After graduation Lemon was indecisive about going to college despite dozens of scholarship offers.

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Lemon thought he had also earned a football scholarship there but he had not. Army having received his draft notice while away. His coach had previously written a letter requesting a tryout on behalf of Lemon to his friend Abe Saperstein, owner of the Globetrotters, but had never heard back.

Coming off a bye week, the Hokies were handed a blowout loss at home by Duke.

Haynes was nursing an injured knee and decided Lemon could show him what he had on the court during the game. In , however, Wilmington needed Lemon back home.

Here's what UNC fans can expect from the new ACC Network

Goodwin arranged for a private plane to bring Lemon to the trouble city. The school district closed the three schools for Thursday and Friday. For context, in December Morton would begin his short-lived Democratic Party gubernatorial race.

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He then visited schools, including Williston, and the Community Boys Club. Stay in school. He added, At that time a new and better home for the Club must be built.

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I am grateful to Tom Jervay, Jr. All profits from the sale of this souvenir book of the greatest day of my lifetime will go to begin the capital account that has been established in the Wachovia Bank in Wilmington to help build a new Community Boys Club.

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Despite concerns that violence may break out during the game, none occurred. Blacks and whites sat together, laughed together, sang together. I felt it was one of the best things I ever accomplished.

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