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The 33 Best Forgotten Teen Shows Of The '90s

Supernatural 4.

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This recap of Supernatural was hard to write, due to the events surrounding the Supernatural family this past week. Supernatural, obviously, but there was also an homage to The X-Files, and a reference to 21 Jump Street.

How eerily prescient it seemed, to this recapper, that this episode was, in and of itself, a dedication to Mr. Manners, and his long career as a Director and Executive Producer, among many other things.

I really wish I could say that is the end of the sadness in this recap, but I found this entire episode to be extremely sad, and I doubt I am the only one. I think it is one of the best Supernatural has ever done.

I miss you! Sammy whined to Dean that John gave him a. Sam furthered that they had to melt silver into bullets, go through weapons training, and [at least one of them] learned how to fight.

You walked away, Sam. Both of you! The good old days! She chooses a table with only one other girl, who I will call April, because that is her name. Do you girls do that?

"Supernatural" After School Special (TV Episode )

I cannot think of a time that I felt the need to cry while looking into a mirror. Into a pillow, yes. A mirror? It seems slightly narcissistic, like you are checking out how hot you look while you cry? Anyway, to each her own, and RCG is joined in the loo by April. Urban Dictionary is a myth. He asks her why she told the police she was possessed, and she replies that she could see what was happening, and feel what she was doing, but she had no control over her body at all.

Can you say it with me now? Did April smell anything…like rotten eggs? Or maybe…sulfur?

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No, now he just flings the questions out there, and hopes one sticks. Sammy gives the most adorable little aww shucks kind of a laugh and…. We are back to Dean and Metallicar.

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Sam tells Dean he thinks April is telling the truth. The Boys mull it over for about three seconds, deciding it is some kind of new demonic possession.

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Dean remarks they need to get into that school, but what to do for a cover? I nearly fell over from the shock of it all! I was seriously starting to think we would never hear classic rock on this show again.

Metallicar purrs to a stop, with a strange Deanish looking character in the passenger seat, and we are transported to… Truman High: TeenDean asks WeeSam if he has his books, lunch, and his butterfly knife.

WeeSam moans that he just wants to be normal, and he is tired of moving around all the time.

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This is their third school this year, and its only November. Ouch, that would suck. In the town I grew up in, we had to go from elementary school, to middle school, to mid-high school, and finally high school, and each change was always a little traumatic.

Poor WeeSammy. TeenDean is clearly viewing this as a positive, because it ups the number of hot chicks he gets to come in contact with. So, really, not a whole lot different from our usual Boys.

‘Jinn’: 8 things to know about the supernatural series

TeenDean tells WeeSam that he will kick the ass of anyone who tries to harass his little for now brother. Besides, Daddy John has told them his current Hunt will only last a couple of weeks, and then they will move on. Again, WeeSam is not happy about this and TeenDean dreams of a bigger lake to fish in.

We cut to side by side scenes of the boys getting introduced to their new classrooms.

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I swear this is all important later, stick with me. A game of skill, agility, and cunning. Boudreaux never lets us play dodge ball. I am still not apologizing, though. No demon, no case! I know, I know, but it is nice to see glimpses of it here and there. Walk it off! This episode has officially pushed me over the edge.

The only thing that could possibly make it worse is if I start wishing they would perform a hex on my beloved Bobby!

Best High School TV Shows

Classroom, and what the hell kind of school is this? They have Cuisinarts all over with the lids off. When I was in school, and we were dissecting fetal pigs, they barely gave us a dull pencil to work with, and now, post-Columbine, schools have machines with whirling blades? I graduated from high school in , when things were kinder and gentler, and we had reasonable precautions even then.

Well, not for much longer after today for this school spoiler!

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