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Arcade[ edit ] The player must win 5 matches played on different surfaces and venues to win a tournament. If the player performs well enough, he is challenged by Master, one of the game's bosses. Exhibition[ edit ] This is a single match in which the options are customizable.

Virtua Tennis 4 review

You know why? And the tennis is decent when it happens. Nope, instead of letting you play a series of full matches, you have to play a board game.

Yes, I said a board game, as in: You must move a pawn across a board that looks like "Risk.

Virtua Tennis 4

The game just tells you that you met them. In one minigame, a tennis ball machine spits balls at you, and you have to return the ball in such a way that you hit giant playing cards.

  • As we touched on before, newcomers will have no trouble learning the swing of things.
  • Virtua Tennis 4 is one such title that was clearly never intended to move out of its safe haven of home consoles, but it makes for a fairly impressive port regardless.
  • LOW Needing to move one space to enter a tournament and having no one space move vouchers. It's been over a decade since Virtua Tennis landed on the Sega Dreamcast—and while Sega's much-loved console has been consigned to the annals of video game history, the game lives on.
  • No matter what your console is, you have high chances of playing this installment because gamers can get this game on PC and various gaming consoles like Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox , and more. Control schemes Shot control and power depend largely on your distance to the ball when you try to press the hit button.

In another minigame, you swing your racket to knock soccer balls into a net guarded by an automated goalie. The worst: When you do play tennis, your player gets very fatigued, very fast.

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The only consistent way to revitalize your health is during the board game — if you get lucky enough to land on a restful hotel. When I do play actual tennis, computer rivals are superb, and I end up volleying for two minutes.

And I can hit the ball out of court, losing a point.

Review: Virtua Tennis 4 (PC)

But the computer player never hits "out. Another game within the game, "Galaga Legions," is similarly a beefed-up version of the original "Galaga.

Virtua Tennis 4 (Game)

I swear, the ratings people at the Entertainment Software Ratings Board are the most overprotective nannies ever. Looks good. Three stars out of four.

Achievement won on 17 Oct 11 TA Score for this game: 1, Posted on 19 May 11 at , Edited on 10 October 11 at This solution has 10 positive votes and 0 negative votes.

Very challenging. Rated "E" for comic mischief.

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One and one-half stars. Contact Doug Elfman at delfman reviewjournal. He blogs at reviewjournal.

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Virtua Tennis (video game)

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It comes with new playable female heroes and new four-person cooperative mode. The Sept.

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