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Saturday, September 21, 2019 1:54:04 AM

But has been bored of the A1 League due to its rather predictable outcomes, and not to mention that everyone plays a supporting role to Panathinaikos and Olympiacos EVERY. The A2 division. Maroussi BC enjoyed an unexpected run in the EuroLeague in the season, before bowing out in the Top 16 stage. Photo: EuroLeague Basketball. The best example was Maroussi some years ago that managed to play the EuroLeague while coached by Georgios Bartzokas and having players like Kostas Kaimakoglou and Jamon Gordon.

Tall Blacks come up short at FIBA Basketball World Cup

Greek A1 Basketball League Live Stream Free Online

How about going to a basketball game? We went online to get the tickets in advance and hit a roadblock. We needed to register for the site and provide an AMKA number.

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We decided to just wing it and buy them at the stadium. Obviously we had to buy parking lot hot dogs to eat as we walked to the stadium. Buying Tickets The entrances to SEF stadium are raised up, so we followed the crowd up the ramps to the find people waiting in line to enter, but no sign of any ticket counter.

Live: Watch ERT 1 (Greek) from Greece.

We asked someone who told us to go back down. Down we went and asked another man where to get tickets, he told us to go all the way to the back of the building. We found the ticket office trailer and got in line. Uh oh. We thought there was no way that they could only sell tickets to people with Greek social security numbers, so we waited in the line and got up to the counter.

The guy spoke English well and told us that we could use our ids, but that we need to get membership cards in order to buy tickets. We waited in a short line to get our membership cards which cost 10euros and then got back in line to buy tickets.

We opted for the 15 euro tickets and we were off again to find our gate. The stadium was packed! Apparently it was a very popular game to attend. This was my first European sporting event, so it was all new to me. The chanting, the drum beating, the banners, the smoking… Yes, there was a cloud of cigarette smoke hanging in the stadium.

Team USA Stifles Giannis Antetokounmpo, Beats Greece

Did this surprise me? Just a little bit. The fact that anyone, anywhere would smoke at a sporting event was more of what left me perplexed. Sports and smoking, hand in hand. The atmosphere was very lively with shouting and chanting.

Die hard Olympiacos fans everywhere, really into the game. Lots of yelling and cheering and general noise making going on. It was fun! At half time, we needed snacks so went hunting.

Place to purchase Greek basketball jerseys in Athens

There were a few guys in the stands selling chips and some plastic cups of coffee like pre-made frappe , but we were hoping for a few more options. Near the entrance, there was an elderly lady sitting with a garden table with a few cokes and bags of chips on it.

Good enough for us! Olympiacos was behind around 10 points basically the entire game, but towards the end, things got crazy when they managed to trail by just 4 points.

The things people were yelling were just hilarious. If you know Greek swear words or in this case Greek swear phrases, you would be impressed by the creativity of these fans. For me, it was amusing. If I was there with my grandmother or a young child, it would be embarrassing.

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