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Arturo Gatti fought to the limit of his endurance in many epic bouts. The Italian-born Canadian captured world titles at super featherweight and junior welterweight during his year-professional career and also fought and lost to legends Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. But his and bouts with Ward will always be remembered, and two of them won the "Fight of the Year" award given out by the prestigious Ring Magazine. The first two fights were over 10 rounds, with Gatti losing the first and gaining revenge in a classic second bout. The third and deciding fight took place in Juneand Gatti broke his right hand in the fourth round.

The Fighter ()

How much time has Dickie Eklund spent in prison? After having been arrested on several occasions for minor offenses, Dickie was incarcerated for the first time in He spent three months in the Billerica House of Correction for offenses that included hitting a police officer in the mouth and running; breaking a man's jaw and robbing him after the man tried to break up an argument Dickie was having with his sister Gail; and resisting arrest.

Dickie was arrested at least once each year from to for minor offenses, such as drunk and disorderly conduct. Then in , Dickie was arrested for robbing a man, for which he spent nearly four months in jail in Cambridge before his mother bailed him out.

Best I Faced: Micky Ward

A few weeks later he was jailed again for attempting to commit armed robbery. He was bailed out once more, only to go right back to jail when he was caught attempting to rob a drug house.

Prior to March , Dickie Eklund had been arrested 27 times and had a rap sheet five pages long. On March 20, , Dickie was sentenced to eight years at MCI-Cedar Junction, the state's maximum security prison, for charges that included breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony, masked armed robbery, kidnapping, and possession of a firearm without a license.

These were the charges that stemmed from the prostitution scheme. He accepted a plea bargain and served a little over four years in prison. Prior to the closing credits, it is stated that "Dickie maintains his status as a local legend.

He trains young boxers at his brother's gym.

At the time of Micky's fight with Neary, Dickie had not been long out of prison and was still clean. In the joint, he was forced to stay clean for more than four years, and he remained clean and mostly sober for nearly five more years after he got out.

However, by , the former star of the High on Crack Street documentary was back reenacting his self-destructive onscreen role.

Tragic end to ring rivalry: 'Irish' Micky Ward mourns Arturo Gatti's death

He was using crack again. On July 2, , Dickie was arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine. Does the real Micky Ward have a cameo in the movie? The real Micky Ward, who was a consultant on the film, has at least one cameo. He can be seen in the crowd congratulating his onscreen counterpart, Mark Wahlberg, at the mark, just after the character wins his first comeback fight against Hernandez.

It should be noted that the real Micky Ward never fought a fighter named Hernandez, at least according to his boxing record BoxRec.

Micky Ward recalls his top 10 standout fights

Micky's first comeback fight after his approximate two and a half year retirement was on June 17, against a New York fighter named Luis Castillo at the Lowell Sheraton in Massachusetts not at the Hampton Beach Casino in New Hampshire like in the movie.

The film is more than likely eluding to his first significant fight after being out for a few months due to hand surgery. Did the real Micky Ward really train for his comeback without the interference of his family? Yes, but it wasn't as difficult of a decision as it's made out to be in the movie, because at the time, Dickie was in jail and Micky's father, George Ward, was on his way to prison as well for defrauding two elderly women.

One was an eighty-year-old woman with Alzheimer's who he stole more than ninety thousand dollars from her entire life savings. I did it because I wanted to. He had been laid up in bed for four months after an embarrassing but serious work related accident he suffered while paving roads. He jumped off a roller and landed on a metal pole that ripped a one-inch gash in his rear end and travelled four inches into his rectum, requiring emergency reconstructive surgery of his bowels.

Was Micky really managed by the owner of a cab company? As confirmed by The Fighter true story, after Micky took control of his career and decided against letting his mother continue to manage him, he hooked up with Sal LoNano who was the owner of the Independent Taxi Company and J.

Micky was looking for someone he could trust in addition to his new trainer Mickey O'Keefe Irish Thunder. Did the cop really step in to train Micky? The cop, Mickey O'Keefe, had previously worked as Dickie's assistant in Micky's corner, which was his only experience with professional boxing.

O'Keefe opened a gym, the Lowell Boxing Club, in a rough neighborhood in hopes of giving young people whom he didn't charge a penny a positive way to channel their energy. Looking for a place to train again, Micky began to frequent O'Keefe's gym and when O'Keefe heard Micky was thinking of a comeback, O'Keefe offered to train him.

Someone who was with me from the beginning. Mickey O'Keefe. Mickey didn't want control. All he wanted was what was best for me.

People might not want to hear it, but it's the truth. Similar to his character in the film, in real life O'Keefe is a sergeant for the Lowell Police Department in Massachusetts.

He was also Ward's trainer and the owner of the Lowell Boxing Club.

Irish Micky Ward: The Fighter Speaks Out

O'Keefe was hesitant at first to accept the part because he had no acting experience, but Mark Wahlberg encouraged him to take on the role "'The Fighter' Comes Home", Lowell Sun, December 10, How many siblings does Micky Ward have? Micky Ward has eight siblings stemming from Alice Ward's two marriages.

He has one male sibling, his half-brother Dickie Eklund. Is it true that Conan O'Brien's sister portrayed one of Micky's sisters in the movie? Micky Ward's sisters were not happy with the movie's portrayal of them as rude, unattractive, loud-mouthed scrappers.

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And Cathy — Cathy was a poster girl in the s when she was waiting tables in Florida. Russell, admits that Ward's real life sisters were not impressed with their onscreen representations.

I talked to the family about it, and they said 'One out of seven ain't bad. A Men's Journal writer states that Dickie was upset over the way his sisters and mother were portrayed in the film.

It was then that he started cursing at Bale over the way his sisters and mother were portrayed in the movie, which depicts them as shrill, drunken, angry women.

He is, however, pleased with Bales depiction of him, despite being quoted at first as saying, "Micky looks like a million bucks and I look like a two dollar bill. Shea Neary? The Fighter true story reveals that the filmmakers took this liberty for dramatic purposes.

Watch the Final Round of the Ward vs. Neary Fight. Russell wanted to make sure that some of the details in the movie were authentic. The gym seen in the film is not a movie set.

Pitt himself was replacing Matt Damon, who had been Wahlberg's costar in The Departed and is also a fellow Boston native.

Damon had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Then in , both director Aronofsky and actor Brad Pitt dropped out of the film.

Aronofsky left to make The Wrestler and Pitt bailed for unknown reasons.

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