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Thursday, September 19, 2019 8:49:41 AM

Simply look at the full rundown of global NFL broadcasters to discover authority sources in your locale. It just pauses for a moment to enroll.

NBC Sunday Night Football

But I did get the cycling pass to watch things others than the TDF and to watch it ad-free. No offense to the knowledgeable Aussie fellows who prattle on continually in the ad-free version but I was hoping for Bob Roll and Phil Liggett, et al.

Sunday Night Football Schedule

It seems stupid and perhaps a bit misleading? My hat is off to the aussies who can keep up a conversation for 3 to 4 hours though. I guess millennials like that stuff.

The TV feed comes from the one source anyway and anyone can add commentary. As to the app working, it does most of the time but sometimes goes walkabout or does not connect the first time.

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But if you are casting to a tv realize that google or Samsung are probably sending your content to their servers to spy on you. Or maybe google is piping it to China for free!

Just have the fee for all-access to content like other services, instead of being locked out of all content but still being able to visually see it all. Old School VHS players rewind easier.

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The viewer is forced to sign in over and over again so the least NBC could do is actually remember where the user is in their personal content in one channel when switching from different devices. I appreciate that NBC has allowed me to watch Rugby in America, and I want to continue this relationship but possibly from your end at NBC continue to make the product work better for your users.

Watch live NFL, Premier League, NHL, NASCAR, Cycling and More

As a customer all I want is a reliable way to watch the premier league and that is definitely not the case with your app. It's incredibly annoying to wake up early before the game only to realize the app is not working and you miss a significant chunk of the beginning. Then there's also the issue with the advertisements popping up randomly in the middle of the game or the app crashing and having to completely reload including the advertisements before I'm able to watch again.

Been using the app for years and I don't understand how you keep messing it up.

How to Stream Sunday Night Football

A more understandable issue is the delay from live TV. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten texts from friends about immediate results and goals prior to me seeing them.

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Like I said this one is understandable since its a stream. Test it before releasing please to ensure proper functionality. And then there's the issue of the gold membership locking out certain games for an extra monthly fee.

Baltimore Ravens

I might have purchased it if I had any confidence in the app. At the time I'm writing this review, the average is 2.

How to stream Sunday Night Football games in if you don't have cable

Take the hint NBC Sports. Before exploiting fans, at least have a functional app. I'm currently streaming the game I want to watch using an illigitamate stream instead of yours. Hey at least no advertisements.

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