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May 22, by Holly Regan In the past, the only way to catch a big game was to tune in on network TV; for smaller events, cable or satellite television was necessary. To keep up with these shifts in consumer behavior, major television providers—such as ESPN, FOX and NBC—now offer live-streaming sports apps, which viewers can use to watch their favorite teams through their smartphone or computer.

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Slingbox worth it? Maybe for sports TV junkies

May 22, AM Above: Wowza measured how the sports livestreaming apps are doing. Image Credit: Wowza Wowza Media Systems said in a report today that live mobile sports apps are lagging when it comes to presenting simultaneous broadcasts for real-time sports apps to viewers. And Wowza has ranked just how fast some of those apps are.

As in so many other markets like games, video livestreams are transforming the way people watch sports, Wowza said.

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  • Many cable, satellite, and telco TV service providers, along with broadcast and cable networks, now let you watch movies, TV shows, sports, and more on mobile devices. To start watching content on your mobile device, you simply download a free app.
  • Livestream is taking them live, with an iOS app update that widens the possibilities for as-it-happens online video.
  • On any given day, sports fans will be forced to choose which event they want to watch live, relegating simultaneous games to DVR status, where catching the action in real-time is impossible and social media spoilers are probable.

The delay on mobile devices is often around 90 seconds, and the result is that those watching on mobile often get hit with spoilers from fans who are watching in real-time.

Akamai predicts million viewers will soon be watching livestreamed primetime sports online. Desktop versus mobile livestreaming Above: Wowza shows how much latency builds over time with livestreamed mobile sports apps.

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For the March Madness app, the video playback seemed to slow down as the game progressed. The results Above: The first vertical bar graph shows the average Time to First Frame how long it takes to load the video , and end-to-end latency the time difference between standard TV and app playback.

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