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Saturday, August 31, 2019 4:04:08 PM

Cotto dropped Geale twice in the fourth round, and referee Harvey Dock called an end to the bout late in the frame. Geale didn't look good from a strength and conditioning standpoint. He looked listless and slower than normal. Cotto took advantage of his ill-prepared foe and finished him quickly. The uber-aggressive Kirkland jumped on Canelo from the opening moments of the first round.

Warrior Showdown 2 Fight 11/21/

Now, Imagine Malaysia and Indonesia had a tribal Khan not sharukh khan. Save Blackpeopletwitter, Life, and Retarded: mr. Fight news. GGG could face Daniel Jacobs.

Canelo vs. Jacobs: What TV channel is Canelo Alvarez's fight on?

The reasoning for the additional time is to let the fight marinate and become bigger and bigger so the fighters Canelo and GGG can make the most money when they finally do meet. Stay tuned… Have in mind GGG is 34 years old!

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Canelo should of chose Lemieux as his interim fight to experience a true middleweight, Instead he fought Khan. NOW is too late. Sadly, the bandwagon effect might take over in order to attract more casuals who "don't know shit about boxing" as uncle Roger would most righteously say and they'll let it "marinate".

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  • Daniel Jacobs fight start time, live stream, how to watch on DAZN, channel Everything you need to know in order to watch the middleweight showdown on Saturday. The fight played out exactly how, us boxing fans, expected it to.
  • After a dubious roller-coaster of creative missteps in season two, it was comforting to see Downton Abbey get its season-one groove back and even improve upon it in season three, which ended Sunday.
  • It was televised by HBO pay-per-view.

Save Bautista took Odor's hit like a champ, but how does he compare to other punch-takers? All nghts macs Today I'll be adressing all the nonsense haters drop on Canelo.

Let me start by quoting two basic and critical sayings exclusive of Canelohaters.

New Khan Memes

Here's some truth for you Canelohaters. Khan, Cotto, Mayweather, Mosely those are all inarguably big names. Here's some truth for you Canelohaters Lara and Trout were undoubtedly in their prime. And I would argue Cotto and Mayweather were also, plus not mentioning countless of lesser competition level opponents.

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But most Canelohaters refuse to believe this and will only go apeshit on my page if I told them and held that knowledge as a fact. Now fanatics more exposed to boxing's most recent history argue wheter Canelo trully is one of the best Mexican boxers of all time.

In my opinion he is, no matter what happens in the future years of his career.

At 25 he's proven enough. At last Hopefully he will fight GGG at and from then we'll probably absolutely know judging from his performance if he is or not.

  • Completely out of left-field.
  • You thought it was ugly when John Rocker returned to the scene after his verbal hate crimes?
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  • Maybe that plays a part in why there's been no talk of a rematch. No Account?

Save Facebook trending is Facebook trending. We need to go deeper. Save Blake Griffin knocking out Amir Khan like Save DEAD!

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