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Saturday, January 25, 2020 12:32:39 AM

Nagico super50 live cricket score No Live Matches at the moment. Windward Islands batsman Tyrone Theophile found his form at the right time, with runs off balls in their' semifinal win over Guyana. Help: Super50 scores service offers scores, standings, upcoming matches, Super50 final results and match details.

Radio stations in 10 Caribbean countries to broadcast NAGICO Super50

Men sitting in a studio with headphones on talking sports and somehow that is compelling TV. Ah guess if poker is a spectator sport, why not all sport radio? And doh talk fun TV.

Radio stations in 10 Caribbean countries to broadcast NAGICO Super50

The Sports Television landscape has changed dramatically. TSN now has almost exclusively women sports desk anchors. You could count the number of male anchors they have on one hand.

And the women stunning.

Cricket: Super50 / live

But radio eh going anywhere. Not in NA anyways. If anything, all sports radio listenership increasing In reply to imusic Point and Kay, still living in the sixties.

Super50 / Scores

I haven't listen to local radio in my car for sometime imusic In reply to openning Tune in radio an app you can run off of your phone have most Caribbean stations bro In addition, Caribbean super station has its own app There's an app called Trinihub that has the majority of Trini radio stations Besar In reply to POINT You come here preaching the same thing day in, day out; nothing new, just like you accuse the people you condemn of.

Now, I will never doubt that basic fact, that the more cricket people play, the more their fitness and concentration skills may develop; but that only depends on if the players involved are willing to benefit from those opportunities.

In the days when cricket was a religion in the West Indies, like it is in India today, that was not a problem, boys played everywhere, all the time, with anything for bat and ball, and people used to come to see a match even if it was two ants playing against each other; cricket was our life.

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Today, it is no longer so, and one of the monumental challenges is overcoming the physical fragmentation of the islands in an affordable way. All the old talk on this Board, and i have never seen some of you address that a few honest and wise ones did.

All you repeat each day is implement the Patterson and Wilkinson reports. I doubt you read them, but if you did, explain how this will improve our players performance on the field.

Nagico super50 tournament schedule

I wish to offer you one challenge, when last have you sponsored a team in your country of birth? Easier still, when last have you gone home and chose to sponsor a young talent in your country? You see, cricket is one of the most expensive sports and many of the youths who are talented cannot afford the high costs of equipment; costs is one of the greatest disincentive, and even in my time we found it difficult to get guys to play unless we raise lots of funds to cover.

This may be your opportunity, help sponsor a team; in your neck of the woods, come together and help support a team with some well needed gears, or just sponsor a player or two.

Do that, instead of calling on politicians whose very policies create such high levels of unemployment and suffering that people in their countries cannot even afford to think about cricket. The noise in the market is not the sale my friend, there are realities out there; I realize some of you do not even know the countries you come from.

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