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Tuesday, January 14, 2020 9:34:59 AM

Photo by Mike Frandsen. Washington, D.

Welcome to the Penn Quarter Sports Tavern!

Inside the stadium, fans jump out of their seats.

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Even a few ushers scream in excitement. People waiting in line at the concession stands rush back, likely cursing at themselves for leaving their seats. This, judged by the reaction, is the reason they came.

It's halfway through the second half, and Duke is up by six points.

Williamson has officially welcomed D. I think with Zion, R. There's more Duke love this year. Tickets to the game have been selling for several hundred dollars each.

Arlington College Basketball

Rains, 39, drove up to D. Cameron has a younger brother named Parker, in honor of Jabari Parker, a former Duke standout who now plays for the Washington Wizards. The loyalty to the Blue Devils runs deep in the family. One of the women behind the table says that Duke T-shirts have been the most popular—even more so than Virginia Tech, which is a close second.

She's not surprised.

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The excitement around this year's Duke men's basketball team has been unparalleled. It's half an hour before the game the begins. Chants of "Let's go Tigers! A young fan wearing a Christian Laettner jersey punches the air with his right first and screams.

His friend, wearing a J.

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Redick jersey, stands next to him and can't stop smiling. At p. Sara Shmueli has trouble staying in her seat. She hops up and down and into the aisle at every twist and turn of the game.

NCAA Men’s Basketball East Regional

Her ticket also covers the Elite Eight game being played two days later. The Blue Devils enter halftime down Duke fans don't need to be reminded, but Virginia Tech won the regular season matchup, Shmueli insists she isn't concerned. The year-old Upper Marlboro resident is here because of her younger brother: Duke's director of basketball operations, Nolan Smith.

The younger Smith starred at Duke and for several high schools in the D. But even Sydney acknowledges the buzz around this year's team is special.

I stand by that. He's back home in D.

The building is currently in the final stages of construction and is scheduled to open this September. Future tournament dates are March 6 — 9, and March 5 — 8,

In the tense final moments of the Duke game, the team turns to Williamson, who finishes with a game-high 23 points, shooting of from the field. The Blue Devils hold on to win, After the game, a reporter asks Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski to compare the two dunks.

He can actually jump higher than Grant.

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But on that play that Grant did with Bobby, he was, I think, the highest he's ever jumped. And when you're playing with a great point guard, sometimes they lead you and put you in a position where you extend and you pass the limit you already had, because they have such confidence in you.

He's unfazed. For Duke and Williamson, the show goes on. Aman Kidwai contributed to this report.

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