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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 8:39:45 PM


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Scores, Highlights, & News Steelers make questionable decision to defer after winning coin toss in overtime — Yahoo Sports Lamar Jackson.
1 p.m. ET: I don't even mind if its a couple minutes slower than the actual game.
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Ravens vs. Jags will stream online for free.


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The Yahoo Sports app has always been my favorite sports app to use due to its clean and simple design, ease of use and navigate. They have been great about updating and adding features as needed over the years.

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The layout is worse than before and there is no longer smooth navigation through the app. If you click on a game and then go back to the list of all of the games for that night, there is an annoying glitch that moves the page so you end up clicking the wrong thing and you have to wait for the ad to pop up to be sure to avoid the mistake again.

The ad that pops up at the top of the screen pushes everything down, but it pops up delayed, causing the whole screen to move down. The box scores are lacking some stats, like turnovers in basketball for example while the old version included them.

  • Ravens vs.
  • It is also available on every major streaming device and smart TVs. The Jaguars have 16 games on these channels.
  • Simply look at the full rundown of global NFL broadcasters to discover authority sources in your locale. It just pauses for a moment to enroll.
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Soccer games are not included with the tv information, which is a bummer. There are many little things that add up, making this version a lot worse than before.

Developer Response , Thanks for the feedback.

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We'll continue to refine the design over time. That actually is the biggest separator between other apps.

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I'm giving it a 4 because stats is a little lacking, not sure how easy it is to bolster that, but it bothers me. Also, I loved when it had trending games.

I used to open the app and see a big college football game was coming up, then an NBA game, then college football. Now I have to manually check ALL the games across all the sports.

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