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Read More About Cricket Betting Modern world's cricket is no longer limited to standard game formats and betting options; online cricket betting has changed the way bookmakers and punters work now. With innovation of cricket betting websites and mobile cricket betting apps, this extravagant wagering on one of most loved sports in the world is no longer restricted to hardcore punters, but can also be done by fans who watch the game from home.

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Possibly responsible for broaching more peaceful relations than all other sports combined. International matches were first reported in with the first international test match going way back to Cricket is believed to have originated as a children's game in Saxon times played on sheep grazed land but it wasn't until the 17th Century that it was taken up as an adult sport.

Originally the game was played with a wicket consisting of two stumps. The origin of the word cricket is controversial but is believed to have derived from old English words for 'stick'. The first definitive evidence of the game being played by school children comes from a court case stating the game was played in around on common land in Guildford.

The first reference to the adult form dates back to where two men were fined for playing cricket on a Sunday instead of attending church. Village cricket became all the rage in the middle of the 's with a number of references during the English Civil War. After a brief period in which it was banned under Cromwell the sport continues to thrive after the restoration in the 's.

With money rolling into the sport the "great match" commanded a massive prize fund for the time of 50 guineas. Gambling aided the formalisation of the sport with many professional teams set up by patrons attracted to the prize monies available.

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Cricket was introduced to the British colonies of North America, Australia, India and the West Indies before it had even moved to the north of England. The first written rules were developed in with innovations like the middle stump, LBW and regulated bat widths and lengths.

The game moved north becoming popular in the likes of Yorkshire.

Bowling was changed from being along the ground as in bowls to underarm throwing and pitching. The game continues on and off through several wars eventually undergoing a fundamental organisational restructure in the 's with the beginnings of the county game.

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Coupled with the development of the railway network allowing regional matches and the new advent of overarm bowling in the game peaked in popularity.

The first cricketing superstar, W. Grace made his debut in and the first County Championship began in In the 4 ball over was changed to 5 balls and eventually 6 balls by with even some experiments of an 8 ball over down under. The 20th Century saw international cricket grow creating the modern test series we see today.

Cricket is believed to be an integral component to relations in the modern Commonwealth and was strongly involved in keep relations with Britain cordial during the period of the British Empire. The 's brought with it the introduction of the limited overs game with the first one day international in Despite controversies including the suspension of South Africa under apartheid and match fixing allegations the sport has gone from strength to strength.

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The most recent advent being 20 over cricket with the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup in Modern online betting is a perfect fit with all formats of the modern game too with more matches and markets than ever to wager on. How To Bet On Cricket Cricket as we have found out is historically a sport associated with a betting.

In many ways it is the perfect sport to wager on as it has every betting option available through the various formats of the game. Whether you want to bet by the minute in play on the next over or put a big outright series bet on a series and play the long game there is a punt for you.

Here we describe some common cricket bets and how to place them, bets with the best value odds as well as common offers to look out for.

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For more information about different bets and how to place them see our bet types section. How the Sport of Cricket Is Played Cricket has some weird and wonderful terminologies dating back to the days of Olde English so it is worth pointing out some of the major rules and phrases you are likely to encounter.

Eleven players on each team compete to score the highest number of runs points before all team members are dismissed knocked out.

A match is divided into innings in which one team will field and the other team bats and this is reversed for the next innings.

Batsmen tend to be ordered in ability with the object of the game for the batman to hit the ball when bowled in a manner that will allow them to score runs without getting knocked out.

The fielding teams objective is to bowl the ball at the batsman so that it either hits the bails off the three stumps of the wicket bowled or forces an error from the batman that will allow the ball to be 'caught' without bouncing or for the batsman's stumps to be hit when the batman is absent from their crease 'run out'.

A batsman is positioned at each end of the small rectangular pitch in the centre with the objective of protecting their wickets from the ball using their bat.

The bowlers take turns bowling 'overs' of 6 consecutive balls at batmen from one end after which the bowling switched to the other end for the next over. The end to which the ball is bowled is called 'the strike'. The batsman must have at least one leg behind the line 'crease' to protect their wickets.

To gain a run a batsman runs between creases at either end, an odd number of runs in an over will put the opposite batman 'on strike'. If a batsman's wickets are hit by the ball with the batsman away from their crease then they are 'run out'. To get out a batsman needs to be bowled directly, run out, caught or leg before wicket LBW.

LBW is a situation where the ball misses the bat and hits the batman's legs but would have gone on to hit the wickets.

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Once out a batsman is replaced with the next batman in the list until all 11 player are either out or the batting team decides to declare.

The fielding team will place players in positions on an oval pitch where they believe they stand the strongest chance of getting the batsman out. These positions have weird and wonderful names but basically leg side or on side is anything on the side opposite to the batsman's batting hand a right handed batsman's left side would be leg side , the other side is the off side.

Many positions derive from these names, fine-leg, square leg, etc. At the edge of the pitch is a boundary, if the ball reaches this boundary without bouncing or being caught the batsman scores 6 runs and if it reaches the boundary but bounces the batsman gets 4 runs. Test matches are played with two innings for each teams over a maximum of 5 days.

Play stops for regulated breaks of Lunch and Tea. One day internationals, or ODI's, are one day only matches of one innings per team of 50 overs each. Finally in the shortest formof the game, Twenty20, each team gets just 20 overs against their opponents, these games tend to be played in a single afternoon or evening.

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Needless to say you can place a bet on everything from the outcome of the next ball to result of an entire test tour. There are many many more rules and terms in Cricket, comprehensive cricket guidelines can be found at regulatory body website, the International Cricket Council ICC.

The ICC was set up in the early 20th century as a body to regulate and enforce international cricket rules. Outright Result Betting There are plenty of opportunities to place outright bets in Cricket. Outright betting can also apply to an individual innings of a test match and even individual sessions of an innings.

There are a multitude of outright markets available to bet on in cricket spread over hugely different timescales and this is one of the reasons cricket is a great betting sport. Outright lines are the most competitive markets between bookies and for punters represents a great way to get good value odds.

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Look out for enhanced odds new customer and existing customer promotions leading up to major series and tournaments. Bookies have been known to run many of these lines at a loss to attract punters to bet with them.

For bookies that are likely to have great outright deals see our best cricket bookmakers feature.

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Win, Place and Each Way Betting These bet types are common when wagering on knockout tournaments such as the one day and Twenty20 world cup tournaments. These bets also apply to county championship leagues and cups.

It is said to be a second religion for the cricket lovers. When the cricket season begins the entire nation joins together to celebrate cricket season as a festival and pulls for their most loved teams and players.

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